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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology uses a systematic process of muscle stress testing. This method enables direct communication with the body.  Anything out of balance in a particular area of your system can be identified through this process, be it chemical, energetic, structural or emotional. The body’s entire musculoskeletal system is connected via a bio-computer: your brain and spine. When certain muscles respond to certain triggers or stressors, we are able to identify where an imbalance lies and its cause. With this information we are able to formulate a targeted healing plan.   

Your body has the answers, let's listen to what it has to say.


What can Kinesiology help with? 

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Acute and chronic pain

Including back pain, neck pain and chronic pain in joints & muscles

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Cognitive functioning

Including learning difficulties

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Digestive problems

Including IBS, bloating
& indigestion

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Immune system issues

Including allergies, intolerances
& food sensitivities

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Mental health

Including stress, anxiety, depression & emotional struggles

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Women's health

Including menopause, period pain & menstrual challenges

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Hormonal issues

Including fertility difficulties
& emotional imbalances

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Excessive tiredness

Such as fatigue, exhaustion
& symptoms of burnout

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The list goes on...

I'd love to help with whatever you're struggling with 

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A practice for all

I work with people of all ages. We can use a surrogate if muscle testing on the individual directly would be too challenging.

Treatment costs

Adults 18 and above: 

Initial consultation & treatment (up to two hours) - £85

Subsequent kinesiology sessions - £50

Young people aged 17 and under:

Initial consultation & treatment (up to two hours) - £70

Subsequent kinesiology sessions - £40

Concessions are possible if you are experiencing financial difficulties - please get in touch to discuss.

Heal with me

A kinesiology session will be mapped out depending on your needs, so each session will be different. It always starts with a discussion about how you are doing and feeling as we sit together.


Then you lie on the couch, clothes on, shoes off! 

Find out what your body has to tell you

Muscle testing enables an in-depth enquiry into the root cause of the imbalance in the body. We then ask what is needed to strengthen and restore balance. This may include sound healing, massage, emotional release techniques, energy work and dietary recommendations. Supplementation may be recommended, and a personalised energy essence may be made up for you.

A session is generally one hour, but the initial consultation can be up to two hours. Please arrive at your session in loose, comfortable clothing and bring any supplements you are taking.


Thoughts from clients:

“Tanya is an amazing practitioner who is actively changing my life for the better. The system she works with covers so many aspects of healing that I feel every part of who I am is being acknowledged and helped. Negative mental and physical patterns that I have been stuck in for years are being re-written and as such the world is rapidly becoming a much better place. I feel that I am becoming the person I was always meant to be.”                                                                                          

                                                                                                                                                                                                - Claire 

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