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Let's look at healing in a new way...

Kinesiology, QEC and Pellowah

for living in full health and harmony.

You are an extraordinary being with
an innate ability to self-heal

Your body has its own wisdom and intelligence with a profound capacity for healing and growth. The thoughts you have, the things you put into your body, and your relationship with the world around you all influence your state of health and wellbeing.

We are going through a transformative journey at this extraordinary time. The healing arts can help support and guide you through this journey.


A holistic approach can help you:

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Gain clarity on what's troubling you

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Understand your body and mind in a new way

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Reclaim your health and wellbeing

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Be your true self, living the life you want

I'm Tanya Petersen
Systematic Kinesiologist & Holistic Practitioner 

I run my practice in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. I deliver treatments and training in Kinesiology, and I’m thrilled to be sharing this wonderful modality with you. I also offer Quantum Energy Coaching and Pellowah, two deeply transformative new therapies whose timely arrival can support us as we journey through these times.


I believe falling in love with life is what we need to thrive. I help my clients gain clarity on what is preventing them from living their fullest life. We explore the physical, mental, emotional and energetic aspects of ourselves, and work together to clear imbalances and limitations, to enable harmony and ease on every level. I welcome you to join me on a fascinating journey. 


Start your journey to health and harmony

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1:1 Kinesiology Treatments

We work with the musculoskeletal system to understand and rebalance physical and emotional issues.

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Talks & Workshops

on Kinesiology

I facilitate group sessions to

provide a deeper understanding of this wonderful modality.

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Kinesiology Training & Certification

I deliver training to existing wellness practitioners and newbies looking to offer this practice.

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Quantum Energy


I offer this talk-led coaching practice to help you overcome self-limiting beliefs and thrive.

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Pellowah Energy Healing

This powerful new modality works with energy to create

a radical shift in consciousness. 

Image by Ramith Bhasuka

Let's dare to be who we yearn to be... 

and discover the wonder of who we truly are.              

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