Workshops 1-6 an introduction to Systematic Kinesiology.

This series of workshops 1-6, give a taster of how Systematic Kinesiology can balance the body energetically, emotionally, nutritionally and physically. Each workshop is designed to introduce and teach simple techniques that are immediately usable, beginning with muscle testing, the primary tool we use in Kinesiology. Workshop 1 is a prerequisite to the other workshops, this is why I am running it twice. You can pick and choose from workshops 2-6, or do them all if you wish. Each workshop will be £35, and I ask for a deposit of £10 when booking onto a workshop.

These workshops give you an idea of what the Foundation course will entail, and if it is a subject you would like to make more of a commitment to study.
The workshops are not accredited, the techniques you will learn can only be used for friends and family.

All Workshops will be run at Narberth Natural Health Center, 11 Market St, Narberth, Pembrokeshire, SA67 7AX.

Workshop 1

Saturday May 4th 2019   10.00 – 1.00
Saturday May 18th 2019   10.00 – 1.00
An introduction to Systamatic Kinesiology and muscle testing.
Muscle testing is simple to learn and takes a long time to master!

On this workshop you will be taught how to muscle test. You will learn how to use the muscle testing to identify imbalance in the body, what is contributing to this imbalance, how to find what will support and nourish the system, and how to balance the central meridian clearing mental fatigue and brain fog.

Workshop 2

Saturday June 1st 2019  10.00 – 1.00
This workshop will focus on what sabotages learning, how diet, dehydration, and emotional stress can compound or create learning difficulties. Through muscle testing we can identify where there is a problem and what we can do to improve our learning abilities.

Workshop 3

Saturday June 22nd 2019  10.00 – 1.00
This workshop will focus on centering and grounding, helping with symptoms such as spending too much time in your head, feeling disconnected, poor balance and panic attacks. You will learn some fantastic techniques that can be used on yourself or others to encourage a well centered or grounded self, with a sense of wellbeing.

Workshop 4

Saturday July 27th 2019 10.00 – 1.00
In this workshop we will be focusing on the stomach. How to identify if it is out of balance, and how to encourage harmony there. Using muscle testing you will be taught how to identify if digestive enzymes or other supplements would be beneficial, if there is stress involved in its imbalance or if there are foods that are causing problems. You will then be shown how to find what will strengthen and how to rebalance the stomach using the things you have discovered.

Workshop 5

Sunday August 17th 2019 10.00 – 1.00
Stress effects us emotionally, physically and mentally. During this workshop you will be taught simple but very effective techniques that may help release such stress from the mind and body and help to re-balance the whole self. Simple tapping techniques, affirmations and brain integration techniques will be taught.

Workshop 6

Saturday August 31st 10.00 – 1.00
This workshop will be focused on the chakra system, what it is, how and why it can get depleted. You will be taught how to identify if it is depleted using muscle testing and what you can do to strengthen and nourish this crucial energy system.

There is a maximum of 8 places on each workshop. If you would like to book a place please email me.