Rose aged 5 had suffered from recurrent chest infections for a prolonged period. She had also suffered from constant diarrhoea. After three gentle sessions of Kinesiology with Tanya she showed a remarkable improvement, and after following Tanya’s advice Rose’s health improved to a state of wellness that she had never experienced before. A year later Rose remains strong and healthy and has no occurrence of her previous ill-health.

I would recommend Tanya to anyone suffering from ill health.

Vanessa – Rose’s Mum


Fifteen months ago I was a 73 year old woman with chronic urogenital problems. The doctors had been unable to help, mostly because I developed an allergy to most things they prescribed.

I desperation I was persuaded to go and see Tanya. Its been a long process, still ongoing, but today I have my life back and feel fitter and healthier than I have done for years.

Diolch yn fawr iawn Tanya.



I always look forward to go to Tanya for a Kinesiology session. I love her gentle, confident, wise and caring way of treatment. Various physical issues were addressed but the best thing that happened to me is that after years of counseling sessions, workshops etc. Kinesiology treatment has finally helped me to accept myself. What a relief, liberating!



I have been seeing Tanya for many months now. She is very determined to get me better from an illness the doctors told me I’ll just have to live with, so she has been a lifeline for me. All aspects are covered from physical, mental and emotional so nothing seems left undone and every time I see her different areas are worked on. Her counselling skills are second to none and there is much wisdom within her. It feels comfortable to tell her absolutely anything that is bothering me and I always feel relieved, lighter and more positive after the sessions. Even between sessions she has contactable for advise if anything was worrying me. She is very compassionate, non-judgemental and funny. I  look forward to and really enjoy the sessions with her.



I wanted to bring to a decisive end my quite long medical/surgical history. I knew getting ill for years wasn’t my fault! (or perhaps it was?) but I wanted to recover positively and comprehensively from all ill health and recent operations (most recent being brain surgery last May 2014) and continue with a different attitude to health and well being.What does Tanya do? Tanya provides a combination of very targetted therapeutic massage and an opportunity to talk out, to let go of, my most wished for (and often hidden below my conscious mind) personal issues. This happens while lying on a very comfortable couch. Tanya apparently is quite scientifically minded and has a perfectly good knowledge of how the body works which makes her treatment feel very grounded. She also checks how body energy is working. In addition she recommends appropriate high quality vitamin/herbal/probiotic nutrients, which certainly work very well on me. Tanya says her job is 20% of the whole and my responsibility is the remaining 80%. I take this seriously and results so far are great. I was daunted the first time I saw her but now I understand what’s going on I’m not any more, just excited. What will happen next? I feel so much more in charge of the choices I make in life. I feel like I’m starting to be well for the first time in years.This has all come about in the last two and a half months and I know there is more health coming towards me now.


Before meeting Tanya our daughter had suffered from Eczema from birth and was constantly itching and scratching often keeping her awake at night. We had tried every lotion and cream available on prescription as well as A**** having to have regular antihistamines.

After our first visit to Tanya our daughter was no hot to touch and was not sweating. We were advised what foods we should avoid and remove from her diet ( most of the things she liked ) . After several months and visits to Tanya  the results are plain to see and even now we still follow the free from diet and we are no longer using any prescription creams , steroid creams or any antihistamines. A**** no longer has nightmares and is a much happier child.

If you are struggling with any health issue I am sure Tanya can help.

Thank you Tanya.


“Tanya is an amazing practitioner who is actively changing my life for the better. The system that she works with covers so many aspects of healing that I feel every part of who I am is being acknowledged and helped. Negative mental and physical patterns that I have been stuck in for years are being re-written and as such the world is rapidly becoming a much better place and I feel that I am becoming the person I was always meant to be.”


Being treated by Tanya has completely changed my life!  I returned from travelling extremely ill with severe digestive issues, chronic fatigue, dizziness, headaches, muscle aches and an all over flu like feeling. I could barely walk unaided, I slept for 18 hours a day, I couldn’t keep food in my body, I couldn’t drive, I was quickly losing a lot of weight and I looked like death warmed up. After numerous visits to the doctors and hospital I was getting nowhere, no one could find a reason for my ill health and they were reluctant to do anything except give me antibiotics and send me home. This is when I first went to see Tanya, she was so reassuring, wise and determined to help me, just to hear someone say they could help was a massive relief. She quickly diagnosed me with a parasite infection and advised me on the right nutrition and herbal medicines to tackle the problem. I was an extreme case and it took many months to tackle the problem but after each visit to Tanya my health was improving.

I was so ill doctors told me I’d never be able to work or study and that I would always suffer from IBS and chronic fatigue. After being treated by Tanya I am now studying at university, I am working part time, my digestion is the best it has been in years and my chronic fatigue has gone! I would strongly advise anyone with ill health, digestive issues or anyone that has been told they have incurable ‘IBS’ to visit Tanya.

I cannot thank Tanya enough for everything she has done for me, she went above and beyond to help me recover and I will always be eternally grateful for her help.


My little girl has been transformed by seeing Tanya for only two sessions. Initially she was so shy she walked in a lop sided manner and could never look anyone in the eye. Last night we watched her stand up in front of 100 people to speak through a micro phone as a narrator in her Christmas play. She spoke loud and clear and stood straight and strong. I was so proud. Thank you Tanya.

It has been a tough year for me. I was diagnosed with a pulmanory embolism and put on Warfrin(sp). The clots went but I was left with no energy and severe dizziness and unable to walk most days.  The doctors  could find nothing else wrong with me. Tanya Petersen had been recommended and I finally made an appointment to see her. My energy is returning, pre menstrual mood swings have pretty much disappeared and I haven’t had to have a day in bed for weeks now. Thank you so much for supporting me during this hard time it has been literally life changing.

Tanya is so calm, and so intuitive. She made me feel at ease throughout the session. The systematic kinesiology treated me holistically getting to the root of the problem.She has turned my life around. I would recommended her whole heartedly.


Thankyou Tanya,over a period of 18months I have found your treatments to be gentle, always beneficial and at a pace I have been able to deal with. You are a very honest and understanding practitioner, generous with your time and explanations. I have been introduced to many different ideas and concepts by you, all adding new skills and a more confident approach to keeping myself healthier. I have always felt able to confide in you. I intend to return for seasonal top ups and treatments,it’s lovely to feel well!